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Chinese hotel design needs to cast off outwardly strong and inwardly weak
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Allude triumphant amount to round-the-world building to design advisory company, bound of capital real estate and hotel group all without exception cultivate a thumb for it: No matter be selling office of rich force city that honour the design of appearance of big painted eggshell of unprecedented, still be Beijing rare Er pauses hotel theater changes the luxuriant face about of flatlet, this whole world ranks out the builds design company hand of the 4th.

As Chinese hotel market in last few years flying development, triumphant amount to round-the-world the business center that is in Chinese area also is adjusted subsequently. The write in an ornate style of top class hotel that helps China makes the building construction style that belongs to Chinese hotel characteristic, become triumphant the main strategy deploy that amounts to round-the-world future several years. Top class hotel of China takes a building seriously to design also is in last few years thing, as brand of increasing international hotel enter, hotel building construction, decorate the hardware index such as the style internationalization of progressively also incline to, "The building that helps Chinese hotel industry cast off outwardly strong and inwardly weak designs a concept, will be triumphant the direction that amounts to round-the-world future to exert oneself studies and guide. " triumphant amount to round-the-world building design to seek advice (Beijing) when limited company trustee holds general manager Li Bo concurrently to accept reporter special report, express so.

By right of in international market and sweet case lira, elegant the cooperation that the hotel crossing a state such as tall, intercontinental, 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers administers a group to mature concerns, triumphant the hotel project that amounts to round-the-world building design to seek advice to be in charge of currently includes project of Shanghai peninsula hotel, Shanghai fine in center (A04 plot) project, and be located in rare Er of big public house of palace of fine horse of encourage of Jin Baojie Beijing and Beijing to pause the hotel rebuilds project. Li Bo expresses, "Hold to ' the structure that makes world-class, provide high-class service for the client, with one one's heart does his utmost to pursue outstanding and ideal design ' company belief, we hope to help Chinese hotel industry promote a building to design a level, enhance the international competition ability of Chinese hotel industry. Enhance the international competition ability of Chinese hotel industry..

Reporter: Does the contribution that builds a design to manage a success to a hotel have how old?

Li Bo: The hotel manages a success should the fit structure that 1/3 is attributed to stylist to choose according to hotel environment, fixed position designs a style. This is attributed to hotel distributor to be designed to the building again is why requirement and hotel operator whether the manner that hold manages continuously. Will look from international, a successful public house, its build design at least also is successful, for instance A couplet chief of a tribe enlighten the caique hotel that do obeisance to, the impression with the deepest to its people is the structure style of its caique type.
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