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"China Yue big public house " market sale advertisement engineers draft
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One preface

The economy of Changsha joins WTO as China and develop quickly. People's standard of living rises quickly as the development of the progressively development of reforming and opening and market economy. All sorts of spending in daily life also increase increasingly. How to make Hua Yue establishs high-quality goods in Changsha, build long-term client group it is Hua Yue new student, grow, mature place must consider and carry out.

Hua Yue is at present big shortly of hotel start business, regard Hunan hotel as a nova of the industry, want to show itself in Hunan hotel industry, the public house that fashions old brand must make stronger conduct propaganda to the hotel, roll out high-quality goods, establish brand image, consolidate brand position is imperative. Design hotel conduct propaganda cent of of short duration to be 3 now paragraph, in order to form the propagandist offensive of successive, what raise Hua Yue stage by stage is famous degree, consequence, those who make Hua Yue becomes real significance to go up " the high-quality goods of Changsha big public house " .

Practice early days plans

Practice early days guides already period as guide consumer to know Hua Yue, understanding Hua Yue hand-in-hand travel tries consumption

Guide period way

Rudder: High density market is started in complete province, advertisement publicizes offensive, it is a few kinds of forms of conduct propaganda below.

Media choice

1> TV respect: Give priority to with the strong archives time of media of whole town mainstream or strong archives column, achieve propagandist result already so, opposite satellite broadcasts media charge wants low much and the sale direction that accords with Hua Yue big public house to be aimed at Hunan market at present. From TV station viewing rate, consume with potential target group distributing to consider with the element such as habit and advertisement effect, the proposal chooses to put in from the following media.

Column choice:

Channel of Hunan movie and TV

Broadcast period of time: Insert a paragraph 15 "

Insert 3 paragraphs 15 "

Channel of movie and TV is subject stage of Hunan Province cable television, enclothe complete province city of 14 ground state, cable of total number word is transmitted, be it is certain that one has the professional channel of growing sex. He with " recreational trend " " club of movie and TV " " language of content of movie and TV " " complete movie and TV " wait for a column to be dominant, tell about culture of message of movie and TV, movie and TV. 3 collect of initiate < piece field > , realized an audience " see a satisfy a craving " desire, bigger effect produced in the audience. Advertisement is broadcasted to be able to let lover of one part TV understand Hua Yue in such TV station. Suggest to choose now " 3 collect piece " insert a paragraph to broadcast the figure of Hua Yue big public house piece.
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