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Brand of the costliest hotel goes in spic " low course "
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On September 11 midday, guangzhou Fu Lili thinks of Kaerdu when Long Jiade of hotel general manager accepts special report of our newspaper reporter, express, "The guest room of 5 astral class hotels of Guangzhou grows speed to had been more than the growth of demand. "The guest room of 5 astral class hotels of Guangzhou grows speed to had been more than the growth of demand..

For this, this year November be about to the Li Saika Er of practice has located suddenly for " a the cheapest Li Saika Er pauses hotel " . As we have learned, about Guangzhou market of hotel of fast star class invests whether the problem of overheat, inside course of study all the time since vexed, but it is Gao Xing this class hotel high level jumps out to undertake publicity making known one's position to this one problem first.

Reporter: Hotels of a lot of 5 stars class " gather together " that part passenger source of top end in market of high end of race to control, can this bring about Guangzhou " top class " hotel superheating?

Long Jiade: Affirmative meeting. According to the data of the hotel of 5 stars class of our place collect, this year 1~8 month, these hotels open room rate to already dropped compared to the same period 15% .

Reporter: Be what reason created this kind of situation?

Long Jiade: I think this has 3 kinds of reasons, it is all sorts of business affairs activities and photograph of the corresponding period compare Guangzhou first half of the year this year add fast decrease; 2 be a lot of old hotel of 5 stars class is finished decorate raised house price, these guests changed the price to public house of cheaper 4 stars class; 3 it is Guangzhou rate of growth of new public house is too rapid, especially the quantitative growth of hotel of fast star class is too rapid.

Hotel of 5 stars class " mother " business affairs guest

Reporter: Compare with photograph of Beijing, Shanghai, the hotel room price of Guangzhou go up not to go all the time, how do you see this problem?

Long Jiade: The business affairs guest of Guangzhou by hotel of original 5 stars class " mother " . I think this is not inferior position, however an advantage, low-cost germ is other all sorts of consumption are dog-cheap, this can let Guangzhou become price of sex of business affairs conference to compare a highest city, I want to need not change it.

Reporter: Has been market survey made before you come to Guangzhou?

Long Jiade: Come in the decision (Guangzhou) before do not know, because be returned two years ago,did not appear now such competitive posture.

If make us new choose, we also can come to Guangzhou certainly. Because Guangzhou regards the 3rd big city of China and Huanade as the bibcock of the area, the international public house with famous any interlinks a brand cannot ignore, otherwise when you want to come again after a few years, with respect to meeting discovery brand of other public house has been in Guangzhou take root, you want to squeeze crowded did not come in.
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