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"Fun is oriented " the application in hotel sale
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From consumer angle character, "Fun is oriented " consumption is pattern of a kind of spending; But from management angle character, "Fun is oriented " it is a kind of brand-new management concept. Compete as hotel industry intense with each passing day, want to show itself, be about to surpass the guest's demand and make they " cheerful " , let its feel content exceeds a value namely. For this, the hotel must investigate the hobby of consumer deep, habit and interest are in, especially faithful client, reflect its and perforative in process of Wu of kimono of the design in the product, sale, let a client be enjoyed in consumption as far as possible fun.

1, the fun in products plan is oriented

(1) rolls out the product that gives priority to with fun directly:

Included in hotel product numerous amuse to produce class as what basically attract an element model, be like product of peace and happiness, a few establishment that also can join other department at the same time roll out omnibus recreational product. Roll out the product that gives priority to with fun to be able to help a hotel attract the visitor inside close quarters directly, those who raise a public house is famous degree.

(2) adds the fun component of hotel product

Want when designing hotel product the guest's place thinks, think the guest's place did not think, sufficient the basic concept that with the guest's psychology cheerful demand regards a design as. For instance the clerk discovers when arranging guest room client general pillow is 50% discount use, understand the client disrelishs a pillow namely big low, right now the clerk answers to increase a pillow actively to make client Morpheus happy again, and do not need a client to raise this kind of requirement later. In addition, hotel also but guest room of open up theme, use a variety of artistic technique, adopt space, planar, position, the design of a variety of element such as the light, colour, display and adornment and decorate, foil gives some kind of distinctive culture aura, the theme can be newly-married honeymoon, overseas Chinese nostalgic, car, football, network, big sky, marine world wait or remove room name to reach each according to condition of room outer shroud do corresponding interior design to replace former the room brand of mechanization. Such guest room is offerred for the guest merely no longer rest, and those who gave guest spirit to go up is cheerful enjoy.

2, the fun in product sale is oriented

(1) packages a product with fun

In product diversity smaller and smaller current falls, the hotel conducts the activity that can attract consumer interest, the sale that conduces to hotel product. For instance the hotel undertakes the social activity with the other taller amusement such as photography contest, invite star of famous movie and TV to be hotel silhouette, those who hold all sorts of world brands is new taste a news briefing to wait.
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