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Dhara Dhevi hotel respectfullies present formula of traditional water the Lanter
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The water the Lantern Festival that the Qing Dynasty that what still is located in ancient country of attractive Lan Na than be in strides hotel of Wen Huadong square DharaDhevi to celebrate Thailand tradition (LoyKrathong) is more wonderful! When enjoying moon bath, enjoy buffet of upper peaceful type at the same time, let the valiant cool breeze November at the same time the aperture bright lamp you (Krathong) sends God empty, send your adversity along with all the others.

The calendar of the traditional Chinese calendar of according to Thailand, annual dozenth full moon night is water the Lantern Festival. "Loy " the meaning is float, "Krathrong " it is a kind of circle boat that cultivates lever make it with banana. People uses banana leaf, flower, candle and essence heart dress this boat, put in the river next, in perhaps in the sky be being put with aperture bright lamp. This one ceremony resembles Budda of commandeer lights piously worship, with clean soul; Floating boat is indicative forget care forgets hate. People also believes this ceremony can be brought lucky, and the river to Thailand is magical -- wheat tribute breaths out goddess (PhraMaeKhongkha) is displayed on devoir.

Qing Dynasty strides hotel of Wen Huadong square DharaDhevi to respectfully present for you perfect service, be sure to make water the Lantern Festival becomes you hard the culture experience of dismiss from one's mind.

The formula includes:

·Two-men is luxurious colony colour flatlet (ColonialSuite) or luxurious villa (two 晩 of DeluxeVilla) lodge

·Daily enjoy breakfast of self-help of two-men beautiful type at Akaligo dining-room

·The airport is received send a service

·12 years old of the following children add a bed freely

·During living at entering, enjoy 85 fold hydrotherapy to nurse privilege

·On November 24, enjoy dinner of evening of self-help of type of two-men north peaceful at LeGrandLanna dining-room, include aperture bright lamp, song and dance of traditional Lan Na, and boat of lamp of water of elegant banana leaf a pair

Price of formula of flatlet of colour of luxurious two-men colony is 38, 000 peaceful an ancient unit of weight, luxurious and villatic formula 48, 000 peaceful an ancient unit of weight, do not include to serve cost and duty. This formula only on November 23, 2007 offer on the weekend. If be about to book,

About group of Wen Huadong square hotel

Group of hotel of article China east is an international orgnaization that obtains special honour repeatedly, have reach management whole world a certain number of the famousest business

Wu and go vacationing hotel. The group is uptodate manage 20 luxurious hotels, in additionally 16 hotels are developing, be located in Mexico respectively Liweiailamaya and Chinese Hainan island (2007) , Boston and Barcelona, Beijing (2008) , Dalasi, Chicago, Las Vegas, . Current, wen Huadong just is managed in 21 countries or development exceeds 9500 guest room, among them 16 hotels are located in an Asia, 13 are located in America to reach 7 to be located in Europe and North Africa.
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