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Holiday hotel manages successful secret of success
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Holiday hotel is big group of a hotel of the chain that cross a state, its interlink a branch to distributing in 5 continent 50 many countries are mixed area, share many 3000, year turnover 100 much dollars. So giant " the hotel is regnal " , its history has 40 only old. Analyse its to manage successful secret of success, basically have at 2 o'clock.

Win a customer with admirable and considerate service

The holiday hotel competition to maintain oneself advantage, put forward " clean, convenient, cheap " management guiding principle. To implement this policy, wilson of this inn author still puts forward " the person has without me, it is good that the person has me, the person is nice I actor or actress " service tenet.

In the hall of holiday hotel, set the automatic vending machine of ice-cream and cold drink, the client need not serve personnel to send a room ice-cream and cold drink, but lest pay fee. Children can live a room freely in all with its parents, offer small bed freely for the baby. Go to the lavatory to give the client that takes a dog to offer, the hotel returns canopy of additional monarch dog. Get seasonable treat for pathogenic client, hotel day and night has a doctor to provide a service. More outstanding is, holiday hotel still invites full-time priest, in order to satisfy the need of certain follower of a religion in the client.

To solicit the business of tourism group, holiday hotel entrance establishs fascia, write with marked font " welcome such-and-such tourism group to stay this hotel " . If can know the full name of member of travel round ensemble beforehand, holiday hotel still is met them all full names arrive surely on greeting card, make guest production kind feel and be felt by accredit.

To attract newlywed, holiday hotel is searched on the newspaper be engaged advertisement, send a bride bracelet or other little gift, there is small card in gift, writing above: "Ask presence holiday hotel to have honeymoon " .

Wilson is imagined very hand and foot for every guest room of holiday hotel, having very specific provision to the staff member's duty. Annual evening was controlled at 7 o'clock, the clerk can arrive to guest room has bedspread press and will be turned over by single character, invite a guest but at any time how does go to bed stop. The bedside that returns every pieces of bed every night puts a chocolate and a flower, means wishs the passenger is sweet fall asleep. Such serves, it is meticulously really.

For convenient passenger, holiday hotel installed computer to revise house system, the passenger holds the post of the room that other country or area holiday hotel can book inside hotel of Home Heyi holiday on the world, very handy.

Good to do employee grooms the job, holiday hotel headquarters is made have movie of many 30 vocational training, include how to manage travel pool, how to book a room, how to do hospitable room service to wait a moment, content and requirement are specific and specific. The name of a film in if is " you star namely " , serve medium note technically to service personnel introduction. Air hostess of the regulation in film must bathe every day; Must use better perfume; Must use a cover to had wrapped the hair; The tooth wants cleanness, the tone wants pure and fresh. Still have it is good to teach a clerk technically to use courteous diction, fast clear away guest room end wait for special film.
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