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Advertisement publicizes the important step that is dining-room brand promotion
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Above all, dining-room should be aimed at target market, choose appropriate media, increase a brand to publicize strength. The product is publicized should the need according to crowd of the target in consumer, the key highlights " qualitative " word, if dish tastes the dining-room of business affairs sex with purificatory, high-grade service, should directional at tall consumer; Style the folk-custom with pure and fresh, distinctive dish dining-room, should directional return to at city a group of things with common features; The household with environmental warmth, considerate service dining-room, should directional at common people masses, and in order to cultivate a brand, consolidate figure is for breach, aggrandizement product is in consumer already some impression. Use normally in box of electric TV, broadcasting station, newspaper, lamp, establish the way that conduct propaganda makes on the card, or specific aim ground asks chef to discuss course, the client is commented on. Do some let consumer be benefited, invite customer hard the activity of dismiss from one's mind, with promoting an enterprise image really, of stimulative economic benefits change.

Dining-room should be accomplished truly " good wine is met even cry out " , one avoid disregards the size of oneself character and target market and object, blot out the sky and cover up the earth to bang in disorder stretch, the result is " extensive cultivation " ; 2 avoid " 1000 army 10 thousand horses had squeezed single-plank bridge " , ground of like a swarm of bees makes price war greatly; 3 avoid " spruce when forget advertisement, when sluggish busy advertisement " eager for quick success and instant benefit of type " advertisement myopia disease " . American economy bound has an admonition: "Commodity is sold when going out, should advertise, commodity sale goes out to should advertise more. Abroad a lot of famous meal enterprises, not only pay attention to advertisement conduct propaganda, and regard every year as first budget year ad fare, this kind of practice is worth us to learn.

Next, dining-room should expand famous degree, establish a brand to strengthen enterprise conformity to transmit strength. Business sea... emerge, in business character business. Meal enterprise should treat brand promotion and advertisement conduct propaganda with strategic eye, this among them particularly ambitious change conformity to transmit strength. Apply the sale element conformity such as product lifecycle theory and product, channel, price, sales promotion politic, undertake market fractionize, according to dining-room fixed position, undertake advertisement locates scientificly, taste according to different season and season characteristic dish, adjust and control advertising investment, decide and adjust advertisement target and ad strategy. In addition, pay attention to advertising to reach range even, communicate frequency, accept impression of rate, consumer, sale to grow what the circumstance waits advertisement effect a moment to determine, value the integral plan of ad activity, pay attention to integral effect and long-term effect. Chengdu cling to commoners wine shop plotted course of culture, folk-custom into result ground early or late in last few years is the country disentomb, the regression of city village a series of the brand popularizes an activity, make one is specialized in plain on the west the meal enterprise of agrestic folk-custom dish, in the memory of broad consumer the tree rose to return the form of the folk-custom dining-room of raw ingredient of Piao Guizhen, former juice, carry media ad, roll out those who introduce an inn characteristic new course " cling to country the commoners is weekly one dish " series advertisement conduct propaganda, promote an enterprise image ceaselessly, effectively promoted a product famous degree, beautiful praise spend litre change, make " cling to country the commoners you come home " the interior home that makes city return to gens, gluttonous and Elysian. This is the successful place that meal brand establishs.
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