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Whole jointly owned sells a plan
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Everyday C, H, O3 is planted element, the likelihood sets a plant,

The likelihood combines an animal, the spirit that combines everythings on earth possibly also is long -- person.

Integrated plan, have inherent element the plan of optimal combination namely.

The world will enter great integrated period, conformity is the amplifier of productivity. .

"Integrated " one word is word of a synthesis. "Whole " adjust namely, rectified meaning, "Close " namely the combination, meaning that cooperate with. "Integrated " it is to adjust combination namely, rectify the meaning that cooperate with. Conformity can produce a new thing already, the development that can be primary thing and perfect.

One, the main feature of integrated plan

1, resourcefulness sex. 2, before look up sex. 3, purpose sex. 4, corporeality.

2, the basic principle of integrated plan

1, objectivity principle. 2, systematization principle. 3, dynamic role principle.

4, benefit sex principle. 5, principle of sex of effectiveness for a given period of time. 6, group sex principle.

3, the basic course of integrated plan

The first measure:

(1) discovery engineers an object. (2) singles out concoctive object.

(3) meets concoctive target clearly. (4) investigation masters concoctive object.

The 2nd measure:

(5) depicts concoctive outline. (6) establishs concoctive goal.

(7) hunting engineers starting point. (8) brews originality, generation conception.

The 3rd measure:

(9) trims a plan. (10) forecasts a result. (11) singles out concoctive plan.

The 4th measure:

(12) prepares proposal. (13) draft resolution.

(14) puts into effect. (15) uses the result at next case plan.

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