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Of high-grade hotel " network sale " path
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Information age, internet the whole people gains ground and become people to get information, consumption, share, communication and trade crucial channel and tool, the diversification of the promotion of level of consumer group demand and demand administrative levels, fugacious change, hotel brand transmission and sale controller front are facing a lot of problem of sale, even if is world-famous hotel group also is seeking effective solution. Network sale serves as strategy of a kind of new sale to enter the whole market of the hotel to plan, so that answer to challenge and be obtained to sale, get limits the attention with wider, later rate, although the hostel of a few places also is built,removed a website, opened a network to be sold continuously, perhaps build the last bus that boarded to carry dragon of Cheng, E.

Watch the pattern of hotel network sale that at present home has systematization, overall and OK cent is be based on a hotel of own faction sell continuously sell two kinds with the cent that relies on channel of existing and of all kinds network, specific and character, have the following 4 kinds of configuration:

The first kind of configuration is the door that the hotel built him (website) , through the construction to the website, conduct propaganda promotion attracts new client, facilitate old client is direct and online book.

The 2nd kind of configuration is to use network and systematic platform: The D-Hotelier(that includes heart comparing is based on OTA platform) , the HUBS(have the aid of of Er of heart of bright and beautiful river at CRS system) , the HIMS(have the aid of of compass at PMS system) , the Tinsia platform below net reaching the sky (be based on IATA mode) etc.

The 3rd kind of way is to establish hotel network alliance, allocate the resource of allied hotel through center of the sale on unified net, can be area, also may be the same as dimensions, perhaps do not have integrated alliance of classification, be like CHINA-Online(free couplet) platform of a person of same business.

The 4th kind can say for associated sex sale, the travel destination with a few mature development, rely on at platform of destination sale system, all sorts of astral class public houses that integrated this locality converts and hotel resource; Cross alliance of area network sale in order to be the same as astral class hotel, satisfy client of this star class to secure the demand of insider group especially; Hotel resource differs in be core conformity circuitry with classical travel circuitry, establish platform of network sale alliance; It is a foundation with some kind of other associated property, establish center of the sale on hotel network alliance and its net. Include to carry dragon of Cheng, E, mango, easy net to connect wait for the tripartite service that engages platform to offer, also belong to this.

This among them, in domestic tourism market, the passenger source that the divide into equal parts that carry Cheng sells business to wait for place of tourism market main body to bring for Wu of hotel, travel agent, aviation, ticket and accrual are more apparent, but sell business to breed the development that fosters with client habit, palm to passenger source to accuse in the market as cent, join in business people begin to be faced with commission scale to rise, passenger source billabong, higher rate depends on cent to sell the many sided pressure such as business, the abidance of amount of entrant of together with market the promotion of growth, user on consumptive consciousness and demand layer, hotel industry must seek the sale measure with new more, and the sale that miniature brand network advertisement reachs above public house to 4 stars class is promoted, the brand spreads the effect not beautiful. And the effect that those who search engine sale generation is long-term sex more, what what bring is invalid click scale the meeting is very tall. Below this kind of circumstance, no matter be to cross company of hotel of country or group of large public house, chain, still be monomer hotel, searching more channel and tool in order to ensure the maintenance of old client reachs the development of new passenger source.
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