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Mining public house sells latent capacity
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-- increase staff promote consciousness and skill artful

Yu Kai

As the aggravate that the market competes, the guest chooses the margin increase of the hotel, taller and taller also to the hotel quality requirement from personnel of course of study. The opportunity grasps in how serving to the guest, ask from guest psychology, guest, promote the respect such as skill, subtle service to make great efforts, go winning the guest's good impression and the requirement that satisfy a guest, become the tarry visitor of result finally, giving restaurant to bring economic benefits is a difficult problem that is placed before any hotel controller.

The branch of a gleam of that serves as restaurant -- antechamber ministry, to the be the first to be affected in customer service Wu. The guest enjoys the service of astral class hotel, begin from antechamber ministry above all. From the door child a door, carry baggage, enter register, baggage member belt room, offer check of article of inquiry service, pass on, valuable, leave to final guest retreat room and enjoy individuation " golden key " the service is waited a moment concern with every employee of antechamber ministry. The type of guest form form that they contact everyday, individual character demand is disparate, how increase antechamber department staff promote consciousness, bring more income for restaurant? Should find settlement way to still need speak of from the problem that at present employee exists in marketting restaurant product:

* employee is lacked generally promote consciousness.

What divide the work as a result of restaurant branch is different, the bibcock that sells as restaurant -- the market sells a ministry, assumed main restaurant to sell the work, and other and departmental door is in charge of be being recieved specificly or offer safeguard to serve, the duty of the sale is not very strong, create staff so in serving to the guest, divide outside welcoming a visitor according to operation flow and standard, lack promotes consciousness and integral consciousness, giving a guest the sense is do official business according to official principle, the complaint that reveals temporarily to the guest or other demand cannot be caught well and truly and feedback, cause lose a guest finally, lost the guest hope to restaurant.

* weighs guest room to promote, light other is promoted.

Guest room serves as a of restaurant main product, significant position and proportion are had in marketting a service. Downstage employee has an opportunity to market the service of this restaurant to the guest, but employee often is met only get on the guest room that promotes a key to be put in this restaurant, and those who ignored other to restaurant facilities promote, wait for service project and establishment like meal, recreation, business affairs, the result is caused count guest room income overly, other is integrated the adverse situation with not tall benefit, also make the guest does not know restaurant has project of what service Wu likewise, feel no-go.
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