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Trend of contemporary restaurant operation
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Trend of contemporary restaurant operation

Differ with traditional pattern, contemporary hotel had produced very big change to the market and the management that the client concerns. Previously, the market that the hotel considers him morely is had rate, seeing oneself have how many guest now, regard the market as comprise by each guests; The hotel hopes to strive for more passenger source previously, hope to consolidate now later guest; Encourage the guest treat equally without discrimination to the hotel before, emphasize wanting distinction to treat to different guest now, because different guest brings the value of the hotel to differ; Regard as the guest previously one-time trade, regard the guest as lifelong client now; Original hotel always hopes to complain had jumped over lesser, take a guest seriously now complain, improve a product thereby; Hotel and client are one-way more previously communicate, emphasize now two-way communicate, the opinion that receives a visitor is paid attention to when promote; Advocate market fractionize now, market fractionize is done weller, be helpful for establishing sale strategy and method more, on the foundation of market fractionize, pay close attention to the demand of each guests, emphasize treating different guest with different method, make more guests finally satisfactory.

It is very important that the hotel undertakes administrative to each income. The attention gathers market information, so that be opposite restaurant income is the biggest change provide guidance. Income management emphasizes house price and rental rate can getting rising effectively, development is added receive an opportunity, assume market risk, of the price make with the market development is a basis. Income management asks annual wants to make a budget, weak busy season should be done forecast, different period makes different market plan, create market opportunity. The part of hotel general manager is to drive whole to work to reward a success, seek market strategy and the way that the job reforms.

The hotel often is met when doing the market to plan now fractionize market, although was done,plan however, the fact comes in and go out from time to tome with the plan however. Be what reason created this kind of appearance? Stated market fixed position was formed since world famous brand is long-term, fixed position of this kind of market is an enterprise the product show that uses oneself comes out, the product gives popular impression the market fixed position that is it. So the plan does not come out market fixed position, want to be reflected through the product.

Restaurant of Beijing Great Wall hopes business affairs comes loose nearly two years all the time the guest's amount can have increase, this asks our product should give a client the impression with business affairs hotel. If the guest came hind, scan widely is group guest completely, the person is much noisier, business affairs guest can feel this hotel does not suit him. The fixed position that so the hotel wants to find his in competition must fractionize market, cannot reach every aspect of a matter. After making clear the market to locate, should all-around aggrandizement locates this kind, till the guest is approbated. Great Wall restaurant comes for years the guest of 70% is business affairs comes loose guest, but arrived off-season if do not receive a group,drop a few businesses with respect to meeting loss. After the group comes in, can affect really medicinal powder guest, of the guest complain also center in this respect, must abandon one share market at this moment. The hotel is absent scope magnitude, depend on having distinguishing feature, had characteristic to succeed very easily.
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