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Hotel " personalized marriage banquet " concoctive plan
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In everybody in memory, a day that when enter bridal hall, it is the grandest time in lifetime, bridal meaning is in what pulled open marital moment from now on with the men and women that is deeply attached to each other for a pair is prelusive. The characteristic wedding that has a perfect, divine, festival, individual character is the collective wish of the accurate people of a new type that is about to enter marriage.

Modern society life is busier, a lot of new personality choose to hold marriage dinner in the hotel, reduced a burden already, give a person again with good impression. Choose hotel of 5 stars class to run important event cost admittedly not low, can let person fond dream come true however! How to make bride, bridegroom feels to be enjoyed take care of supremely with colourful admire? What we should accomplish is " all-around monopolize " , make the hotel is become " Changsha marriage banquet the first " offer individuation to serve to be accomplished from beginning to end best. Course of environment of the culture setting of each pairs of new personality, society, love is having his characteristic, also have bridal to oneself different understanding and tentative idea. Because of this different characteristic according to new personality, we have individual character of lay off of plan of specific aim ground bright, style the wedding of each different case as follows.

One, the content that personalized marriage celebrates a ceremony

Shine what individual character wedding already became city together beautiful scenery line. More and more new personality are making preparations when marriage, satisfy at blind follow and others of follow the lead of no longer, begin those who pay attention to individual character to reveal however, do a wedding that belongs to oneself truly, make wedding gives birth to itinerary new start into humanness, become 2 people's most brilliant instant, festival and the candle power wedding of Europe type romance, lively Chinese style is luxurious and royal wedding, classical the place that the Party of fashionable ball type wedding, afternoon tea type that has individual character alone has the bridal form of characteristic to be able to get used to a hotel to differ each etc, not only the uses each hall to reduce a hotel to book fastigium in wedding space that the can very good view scene advantage that publicizes a hotel and meal characteristic just still can pour advantage is restricted, stressed novel marriage banquet one's style of work as well as one's moral quality.

Ou Shilang overflows candle power wedding:

The characteristic with candle power the most outstanding wedding is foreign flavour, grace, chic, romantic. Emcee is chaired. When wedding in the begining, indoor lamplight gradually dark, jing Guangdeng is opened, full-court prepares bridal music. There still is a special person on candle power wedding is superintend and director guides, he wears brunet business suit, wear white glove. All content on wedding comply with superintend and director guides guide. Bridal ceremony is finished inside 30 minutes. The optimal dot of marriage banquet chooses even if hall of 2 buildings the four seasons is mixed 3 Lou Baile door.
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