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Sale of referenced garden cafe engineers compendium
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Garden cafe is located in the camphor tree wood that Dongguan economy developeds to press down central area, situation is advantaged, back counts an employment of group ground production, establishment of hardware of together with hotel is more high-grade, want management and the famous high-quality goods that management position can make Dongguan center correctly public house only. .

(One) outstanding hotel individual character and characteristic, be located in culture of form of high-quality goods of high quality scales hotel surely, initiate distinctive hotel culture mode.

According to the design conception of the hotel, circumjacent economic atmosphere and Dongguan are a variety of actual conditions of the countryside of the whole nation's famousest recreation, the hotel is managed should amuse, recreational for bibcock, pay attention to high-grade group, the conference is recieved for the target, develop guest of this locality high quality scales actively to locate for central market.

Above all, shape the brand image of a hotel from practice beginning exert oneself, figure of outstanding hotel whole (the fixed position of CI) , first and last the rolls out a hotel figure ad that in a planned way has move, the key saves the program of progressively promotion by → of the city that press down → .

Next, engineer the central job that manages to carry out departmental door with sale, hold market trends in time, will achieve beneficial result, tree brand is caught as the agglomeration dot of whole public house, everything around manage will spread out run. (After promotion plan is added)

(2) hit out actively, it is a center in order to engineer, with situation build situation, multibarrel falls together, initiate hotel industry sale to engineer new structure.

According to the oneself individual character of this hotel and characteristic, characteristic of sale of establish distinctive market. Namely, the combination of business and hotel popularizes estate of have the aid of, organize large theme sex to engineer an activity, production hotel heat, attract visitor in order to sell a site, the market sale of hotel of past star class is pure in order to sell member come to visit, appear personally dinner party, mail announce handbill is single step, we a successful experience that together with absorbs amusement hotel----Plan, make sell a site, absorbing come actively, let a guest come the public house is new amused, change is boundless, stay to forget to return repeatedly.

The activity of large theme sex that every quarter holds estate business to wait, will landed promotion and hotel culture be in harmony let a hotel become for an organic whole sell a site anew again.

In the light of the garden current establishment form a complete set reachs the situation of periphery of camphorwood head head, begin to do well from the following respects the sale of the hotel works:
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