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Decisive hotel staff sells strategy
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Decisive hotel staff sells strategy

Selling strategy is a kind of main strategy in hotel sale, decisive effect is having in hotel sale activity, perforative the process in whole sale. Every hotel has sale orgnaization, wait like market sale ministry, sale ministry, business ministry. The sale branch of the hotel has a tight origanization construction, have the salesperson with a batch of clear division of labor, market the product of the hotel by them. The sale of the hotel has a lot of particular kind and method in strategy, basically conduct propaganda of plan of hotel staff sale, public relations, advertisement, sale is popularized etc. Hotel industry is OK the actual condition with respective basis, define oneself sale focal point, adopt a kind or count kind of method, achieve the sale goal of the hotel.

Hotel staff sells a kind of be market sale main kind. Hotel salesperson is communicated with guest communication directly, market the product of the hotel, service, the doubt of explanation or answer the other side, maintain two-way communicating with the guest, personnel sale and advertisement promote the biggest distinction is one-way communication, the hotel can provide product and service information for the guest through advertisement only, but the information that cannot get a guest feedbacks. And between personnel of the sale when personnel is sold and guest each other contact, when sale personnel is providing information for the guest, can from feedback information gets over there the guest.

The benefit that personnel sells is direct contact, hotel and guest carry expedite communication channel, raise a guest to be spent to the satisfaction of hotel product and service. Carry a sale, can strive for potential guest to buy hotel product, raise hotel product utilization rate. Regular as direct as the guest contact, OK and further human concern, deepen bilateral understanding, establish harmonious relationship, deepen the impression to the hotel, enhance appeal, contend for passenger source then.

Personnel sale is contacted with the guest directly, offer to the guest face-to-face service, if introduce the hotel product and service, information that provides square respect cover, solve difficulty problem, provide all sorts of helps, those who cause a guest buy intention, take a chance in time, persuade with agitate guest, facilitate to be booked on the spot, clinch a deal directly.

The communication between salesperson and guest, be information not only is two-way communicate, still offerred face-to-face service. As time passes, deepened communicate perceptually between salesperson and guest, built friendship, form long-term and friendly collaboration to concern, hold together lives steady passenger source. In addition, the salesperson is contacted with the guest directly, can collect the circumstance of the guest's opinion and competitor in time, be helpful for a hotel adjusting a sale politic, improve a service program, improve service quality, enhance the competition ability of the hotel.
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