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How to do good foreman
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How to do good foreman

Above all, answer to care employee more as a foreman. The distance of foreman and employee is the closest, and the specific executant of whole service is employee, we inspect them to be our brotherly sister only, we care them ceaselessly only, help them, let them treat them as the most calculable friend, our working ability is finished smoothly. In the job, we should understand the thought trends of employee at any time, managing strictly while, arouse the enthusiasm of employee adequately, inspire their confidence, let them see our future is bright; Should help them establish " inn to promote my flourish, inn to decline the thought of my shame " , the love hillock that strengthens them respects industry drive. In the meantime, we should arrange the job of every employee reasonably, because of the quality of employee and individual character, ability all has difference, we should arrange appropriate working station according to the different situation of every employee as far as possible, accomplish " person to use up its ability, use up its place to use " , let every employee can produce his advantage.

Next, we should have start work truly ability, have rich administrative experience and professional service skill skill. We cannot enforce with jussive snout employee is obedient you, and should lead one's men in an act, will guide them with pair of professional guest knowledge and excellent service, at every turn is the first, discover a problem to employee, and can seasonable solve a problem reasonably. Want to understand the guest's requirement at any time, do well according to the guest's requirement next individuation serves, improve service quality ceaselessly. In the meantime, we should firm catchs on guard to groom, the study in grooming before on guard is less than have a lot of tiny services and service skill, we are only in actual unit process of cargo bandling, handgrip hand, teach face-to-face, train the flexibility of employee and ability of adapt oneself to changing circumstances, the key grooms behavior of courteous diction, conduct, strive for everybody to accomplish master adroitly and use service skill skill, strive for more turning round guest, create better economic benefits and social benefit.

Moreover, we should have sale consciousness, between employee and employee, there should be a cohesive affinity between branch and branch, namely while our employee is doing good own job, should timely what introduce us to the guest moderately is other each service. In the meantime, we should teach employee, maintain the image of the hotel everywhere, cannot do the thing of figure of hotel having damage, also answer to publicize a hotel more in what make, because employee itself comes from different place namely, different estate, their itself is a kind of advertisement, their words and deeds affects the figure of the hotel directly greatly.

As foreman, we besides strict requirement employee, more should high level him requirement, want set an example. Gu Yue: The travel that is about to make, already wanted go ahead of the rest, be about to ban stop, already wanted to stop first, duty the person's heart, first duty already. Every asks employee is accomplished, ourselves must be the first first had done, and should be done weller. Only such, our foreman just has authority, ability passes a teacher to be versed in. Regard a low level management as personnel, we should be given priority to with management, smooth meeting works, won't manage, na Yongyuan also is become bad a foreman. While we are working, good personnel administration, do a competent good foreman.
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