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The hotel is received listen to phone requirement
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The hotel is received listen to phone requirement

One, receive listen to phone requirement

1, all incoming telegrams, be sure to be in 3 noises receive answer.

2, when communicating, stethoscope should be put on ear directly, mike makes an appointment with 5 centimeter to be in below park lip directly, if midway needs to chat with other, cover with another hand mike.

3, make good record when necessary, communicate the point should ask clear, next to repeat of the other side.

4, after hang up of the other side, just end to communicate. Any moment must not cast forcibly stethoscope.

5, private telephone call must not be made inside the hotel, pass personal telephone, the home has urgent matter incoming message, should turn to sectional office, and end of as soon as possible communicates. Other is received listen, record for you only.

2, accept the provision of the way one speaks or what he says when hearing a telephone call

1, tonetic want natural, clear, downy, kind, not mincing, lung-power is not exorbitant, also do not pass low, lest the other side listens,not be clear about.

2, forbid to say thick word, use contempt and contumelious language.

3, not joking.

4, multi-purpose honorific, attention " please " , " thank " the word does not leave an opening.

5, any moment forbid to tell " hello " .

3, the incoming telegram is received listen to a program

The A, post C that says hello to B, newspaper gives you, newspaper gives your full name, specific for: × × serves demand of D, inquiry for you

1, telephone exchange is received order of A, B, C is pressed when listening to inside connection carry out; Telephone exchange is received when hearing exterior line telephone call, press active regulation to carry out.

2, the total stage of antechamber ministry is recieved, ministry of guest of center of old hall assistant manager, business affairs, ceremony should press B(English) , D(English) , A(Chinese) , B(Chinese) carry out orderly.

3, phone of other and departmental door (outside eliminating sectional office) uniform carry out by order of A, B, C.

4, departmental door office receives listen to a phone to press: Full name order carries out A office him name.

5, each post requirement divides above outside making clear, uniform use Chinese first, instead English service should answer when the other side uses English.

4, the processing of special situation

1, receiving when you hear a telephone call, when before having a guest, ask serve:

(1) should the face brings a smile, beck, you will be allusive guest as soon as possible its serve.

(2) ends a phone quickly to chat, chinese tells: "I am sorry, let your kick one's heels! " when serving to foreign guest, tell: "Thank You For Your Waiting. "Thank You For Your Waiting..
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