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"One-stop the understanding that " serves
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"One-stop the understanding that " serves

In servive routine we often encounter such problem, the guest asks meal the clerk: Does your guest room live one day how many money? Ask downstage clerk: The product of what brand does your hairdressing inn use? Ask recreation the clerk of the ministry: What is the characteristic of your meal? Etc, to the guest's problem the clerk can answer the question that with oneself post, business matters only commonly. Because do not master to crossing the information of major, can courteous answer: "I am sorry, ask you to ask next XXX. "This makes a guest very disappointed.

In guest consumption level taller and taller, the expectation that Gao Shuiping serves integratedly also more and more today, the deficiency that serves consciousness and the issue that do not serve to reach the designated position want to cause more take seriously.

Improve the integrated business quality that serves personnel, reduce the inconvenience that intermediate link brings to the guest, put forward " one-stop " service appears particularly important.

"One-stop " serves, say simply even if: Begin from me, till me. It asks a clerk wants to the guest puts forward to serve a demand only, no matter have with his post, post, scope of business,do not have a relation, regard oneself as should actively the person of the first responsibility that realizes guest demand, think way self-consciously, strive to be in for a short while inside to the guest in order to satisfy.

I want to carry out " one-stop the meaning that " serves is not fathomless, be being mixed hard is the process that advocate and executes, via the thorny issue that regular meeting appears to expect hard. It reflected the change that serves consciousness, system, information is delivered, individual business quality and post are fulfilled etc a series of problem. Accordingly, "One-stop " has served to say bad to do, should from below a few problems try to notice.

1, the change that serves consciousness. Advocate " one-stop " service is problem of change service method not just, and leaps that should be being regarded is service quality and service level, should cause from the thought take seriously.

Make the service on our service idea and international asks to conform only, of ability from above to below drive " one-stop " serves carry out. So, recognizant change is first issue, the key is to should let employee thought accept.

2, the information with quick unobstructed is delivered. A lot of hotels are differentiate with major of the branch, the business situation understanding that is not cadre door is less, cause a guest to want to face different branch to solve different problem respectively. Serve message deliver rate slow, some was not communicated at all, make the service item that serves personnel control too single. Actually we should not abandon any be the opportunity of company sales promotion, let more people understand our product, can strive for more opportunities.
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